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Ann's Fine Gifts was originally Ann's Clock Shop

Nearly 40 years ago, Ann's Clock Shop opened for business in Houston, Texas. After the family-owned store expanded their product offering widely into gifts, Ann's Clock Shop became Ann's Fine Gifts.  Ann still maintains a large selection of clocks including wall clocks, novelty, mantle, table, and alarm clocks. 

Ann's clocks fall into several categories:  chiming wall or mantle clocks; decorative wall clocks in a range of styles; small alarm clocks, and table clocks for home and office. 

Clocks are a traditional gift for important occasions, such as weddings, gifts for new homeowners, and retirement.  Ann can engrave a plate to add to your clock to commemorate the occasion, making it a keepsake gift.  "Buying a clock can be a big event," says Ann.  "It's often a gift the giver expects the recipient to keep a long time, then pass on to the next generation.  There is a lot of meaning attached to the gift of a nice clock."

Chiming wall clocks with quartz movements have added features that key-wound clocks don't offer.   Many have automatic night shutoff and volume control, and there's no need to remember to wind your clock, or stop the hands to wind it. Ann changes her clock batteries once a year and recommends you do the same at home to keep it in good working order.

Ann suggests that customers buying a clock have some idea of where it will go.  Choosing a wood finish that fits the decor is important.  If you need an alarm clock, be sure you like the sound of the alarm and that it's loud enough.  Make sure you hang a wall clock securely on the proper nail or screw chosen for the weight of the clock.  Use an anchor if necessary.  For a mantle clock, knowing the width of the mantle or shelf where the clock will reside is important.

And if you have great-grandfather's clock in your attic, you're not doing it any favors.  Clocks need to be maintained, especially mechanical clocks.  Ann recommends
Clock Country for clock repair as well as maintenance.

Looking for a meaningful gift?  Come choose a clock from Ann's.

Table clocks at Ann's Fine Gifts, Houston, Tx